At Home Packages

Category A:

Quarterback Toss

Pumpkin Chunkin'

Princess Tiara Toss

Axe Throw

Strike 'em Out

Country Jamboree

Ring the Unicorn

Slap Shot Hockey

Category B:

1 on 1 Basketball

2 Minute Drill

Under the Knife

Alien Operation

Backyard Party Starter Package

  • Choose 4 from Category A
  • 1 BeanBagglz portable beanbag tossing game

Value: $2,375

Price: $1,475

(Savings of $900)

Backyard Party Deluxe Package

  • Choose 4 from Category A
  • Choose 1 from Category B
  • 2 BeanBagglz portable beanbag tossing games

Value: $3,965

Price: $2,480

(Savings of up to $1,485)

Backyard Party Ultimate Package

Value: $9,935

Price: $4,900

(Savings of up to $5,035)

Even though your large-scale events may have been postponed, you can still provide at-home amusement options that your customers plagued with cabin fever will appreciate.