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Twister Display has been the leader in portable, interactive amusement games and attractions for over 30 years, and the Easy Dunker has been the best-selling, professionally built dunk tank in the world. We also manufacture a wide selection of exciting interactive attractions such as: Golf Challenge, Quarterback Toss, Froggy Fly Fling, Cow Milking Contest, Kiddie Striker, Money Machines, and Duck Pond. If it is a Twister Display product, you can be assured it is easy to set up, take down, and store. Best of all, they are loads of fun and great moneymakers!

"I purchased my Twister Display Easy Dunker with window over 5 years ago and it is still in operation and making me a ton of profits. In just little over a year, it virtually paid for itself and it seems like the gift that keeps giving. Over the years, it has remained in excellent condition and still has a high resale value. Other companies do not compare to the quality and customer service you receive when you are a part of the Twister Display family. Keep dunking and thanks."
Jimmy Knight
Owner, Bounce 2 The Top LLC

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